Fifteen Songs from Moby Dick – Michael P. Smith

Limited Edition CD album!

Michael Peter Smith’s Fifteen Songs from Moby Dick features original songs inspired by the seminal American classic, setting the texts from Herman Melville’s novel as sea shanties, story-songs, ballads and anthems.  Strong, swarthy, infectious, and infused with Smith’s signature poignant melodies, the songs of Moby Dick are reminiscent of 19th century balladry, and capture the tantalizing power of seafaring life.  The 15 original compositions are performed with stirring vocals and Michael’s fine guitar playing. As strong a collection as any in the 21st century Americana folk music lexicon, Moby Dick may be some of Michael’s best work!

Listen to Harry Macey, by Michael P. Smith

Buy the CD at Michael’s concerts.  Order the CD by mail via Paypal.
Note.  Out of U.S. orders will be charged postal rates as applicable. 

A fan says:

“15 Songs From Moby Dick is so rich and engaging that I have listened to nothing else for days. Michael Smith’s music takes the poetry of Melville’s words to a level that demands — and rewards — repeated listening. Ahab’s Compliments in particular has been ringing in my ears and I like it there.” – Janet Sayre, musician, Chicago


  1. Elizabeth and I just heard that this was available, and we ordered a copy.

    Looking forward to digging into these songs inspired by one of my favorite books. Thanks, Michael.

  2. I have loved Mr. Michael Smith since I first heard his music years ago! Madly, of course, since there is no other way. I am sorry he no longer lives in Florida, but when your home becomes known for the last 3 letters of its name, there’s something lost forever; one cannot live down “duh.”
    Nevertheless, we here miss him. Thanks for all the music and memories, Michael.

  3. Laura and I are happy to have a copy of the CD and will be there at Wishbone to hear you perform it live. We are looking forward to it!

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