Artist Services with Jamie O’Reilly

Hi Folks!   I have scaled back on taking new clients since my move and starting my latest trio. New clients and projects will be accepted on a per case basis.  Always free for a consult, tho, so email me.

“Jamie’s creative resilience transforms hard times into inspiration to use art as a tool for all of us
to grow both more human and more humane”.
(S. Wayman, New Orleans, LA)

Jamie lowered gazeJamie O’Reilly
“A Voice for the Soul of the City”
Artist Services

Guiding.  Inspiring.  Producing.
Serving the arts community for over 30 years

Jamie is a vital resource for all creatives, providing guidance, direction, spearheading projects and creating goodwill. It is her love of singing, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a fiercely held belief in the  value of the artist  that fuel her active and vibrant world.

Contact Jamie O’Reilly, J. O’Reilly Productions
Cell 773.203.7661 E:

Read Jamie’s Blog: On Becoming “A Voice for the Soul of the City,”
Finding My Niche
Jamie’s Artist Round-up Blog
What Jamie’s been up to in the past year and a half. Blog.

See Jamie’s new rates and policies, scroll down. 


  • Advising Non-Profits in the Arts and Culture Arena
  • Public Speaking, Designing and Conducting Workshops, Teaching Classes
  • One-on-One Guidance to aspiring artists from idea to realization
  • Jump-starting “late-life artists” & creatives
  • Providing referrals and community networking for clients and groups
  • Portfolio and promotional materials review
  • Project review and assessment
  • Developing arts curriculum and programming with educators and arts presenters
  • Developing special projects with community groups (see Roots Salon)
  • Directing, collaborating and coordinating projects, programs and special events

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Change your way of thinking.
Make Art. Make Your Mark. Make a Difference.

By doing what we love,
our soul wants for nothing
And the artist never starves.
Of course we need to make a living
but it is with our art, we make a life.

Jamie O’Reilly says… Me, I was lucky. I found my passion early in life. I was singing before I could talk. My folks don’t make me explain why art matters to me, but they weren’t so great at showing me how to make a living at it.

You’re bursting with ideas. You want to make your art happen, but you can’t get your act together.You want to work with someone who gets it. Who’s been there and found a way to success – and happiness.  You want to talk to someone who is invested in people and community. Who sees no line between the work we make and the life we create. You need to talk to Jamie.

Read below about Jamie’s one-on-one services.

Sessions can be paid using our 2 PayPal shopping carts. One for Media. One for artist services.
Place cursor on the arrow on the drop-down menu and click on your option below.  There is a service charge for PayPal.  Invoices can be issued as well.  Paying by check is also ok.  Email Jamie:

Friends discount! One session, $65. 

Sessions w/JOR

Jamie zeroes in on your aspirations and ambitions, guiding you through the challenges of developing, producing and marketing your projects. She walks you through the stages of project development.  Together you find solutions, find your niche, and get results!

“Jamie has a deep understanding of the power art has to reach past our defenses and heal. She brings wisdom to her work. Jamie is a gifted artist who consistently uses her skills, both individual and group, to transform and improve our lives and the world”. (Anne Hills, Musician)

“I engaged Jamie O’Reilly as an arts career consultant in 2011-2012 to kick me in the pants and help me bring my classical music listening workshops to their next level of achievement. Over the course of a year she did exactly that: ably, gently, and in a step-by-step way that was tailored to me as an individual. She understands the performing arts, she understands media and publicity, and she possesses both the desire and the skill to assist artists in shaping their half-blossomed ideas.”  (Peter Kristian Mose, Music Educator)

Engage Jamie’s services. Find a plan below that suits you.

It is a love of singing and writing songs, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a fiercely held belief in the value of the artist that fuel my world.  I have a genuine love-of presentation and and love-for collaboration.  I know the artist struggle.  I deal with ennui.  I need to make ends meet, too.  But I never give up!

I am a Chicago area registered arts consultant and teaching artist with over 30 years experience in the arts arena. I am a media producer and consultant.  I am an arts producer and booking agent.  I create high-caliber work in the Humanities with international reach.  My projects have become award-winning productions.  I have on my roster of clients accomplished professionals and leading arts organizations.  I post a regular Blog.  I host an Artist Salon in my home.  I expanded my Salons to 2 new locales in 2014.  And I keep my own work fresh and timely.  Look around my website and see the types of projects I do.I offer my clients 3 distinct services for imagining, processing, producing, and presenting work.  The work we do is custom-designed. We work in person, by phone and email.

WHY I DO THIS… In the late 90s I was looking for a support system for independent artists in the Chicago community who had an interest in self production and promotion.  There were no how-to guides and few opportunities if you freelanced and were not part of a not-for-profit group.  So I developed a series of classes: Making a Life in the Arts at the Arts Entertainment and Media Management Department at Columbia College with guidance of Dennis Rich, then Chair.  My singular approach to advising arts practitioners and presenters has now been utilized throughout the Chicago community and beyond: The Portfolio Center at Columbia College, Guild Complex, Center Portion Artist Space, Victory Gardens Training Center, and Gallery 37 Center for the Arts (where I taught Adult Education in the fabulous artScape program, affiliated with Harold Washington College).
In the meantime, I continued to develop my own writing and performance skills and produced a substantial body of work.



1. Media production &  consulting – The Promoter. My PR hat – short-term promotional services and networking advice to promote a project for and with you. We may engage my team – using the talents of others: a publicist, graphic designer, photographer, and/or editor. Their services will be negotiated separately. 2. Artist development services – The Inner Artist. Guidance and coaching in areas of time-management, presenting and pitching yourself to others, growing a base, navigating the emotional ups and downs of the business, working on goals, critique and self-evaluation.  3Project development – The nuts and bolts.  Getting it done and out of your head. Work on a distinct project from idea to realization with a work contract, agenda and timeline, created by you with me and in writing.


Media Production Project
Requires a retainer for my services to follow a project.  That amount is $1500, more or less, based on the nature of the project – whether promoting a business, recording or program series.  Signed letter of a agreement required.

Media Production by-the-hour.  P.R. and promotion advising, writing and design is $80 an hour, plus expenses, where applicable.  New clients: 1 hour deposit upfront.

Artist Advising Sessions Packages.

1.) On demand meetings.  $75 per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours to be paid upon scheduling appointment.
2.) 4 sessions at a time. $65 per hour, with a minimum of 4 sessions to be paid upon scheduling the session.  The sessions need to be completed within 6 weeks.
3.) Meet on a weekly basis.  The rate is $65 an hour, with a 4 month plus one week commitment, total $1040 (a $1500 + value). The final session is gratis if appointments completed within 17 week commitment.

Note: There will be a charge for cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment. Promotional services are separate, and charged at rates above.

Jamie’s Media Services

Artist Project Development Package

Retainer of $1500 (a $2500 + value) provides artistic direction and development customized to the project.  Due upon scheduling of first meeting.  Jamie’s hours not to exceed 24, with client and outside of meetings.  Overtime is $65 an hour.  Project must be completed in 6 months, + 1 week  (or 25 weeks).  Expenses — print materials, other talent, etc — not included.  One hour is gratis if appointments completed within 25 week commitment.  If a performer, Jamie will present a showcase with you as one of the features.  If a writer, Jamie will devote a blog to your work.

Jamie’s Media Services