You Belong to Me Jamie O’Reilly Trio Jamie, vocals Michael Smith, guitar Peter Swenson, guitar Bob Weber, cello John Floeter, bass Listen here. Private recording, Souvenir Recorded and mixed by Peter Swenson J. OReilly Productions, 2008 Chord chart Michael Smith Read Jamie’s Blog: On Turning 60.

It is in the sitting still we see the shadowed windowsill. The rumpled grass the bunny left behind. The floating seeds of a dandelion. And so this morning, I admit it’s no mean feat (me thinks) to see what I see, as I with broken foot, sit. And sat.  Imagining this is this.  And that […]

Listen to Annie Laurie (Jamie vocals Michael Smith, guitar and bass recorded on Swimming Deeper) Annie Laurie Maxwelton’s braes are bonnie, Where early fa’s the dew, Twas there that Annie Laurie Gi’ed me her promise true. Gi’ed me her promise true – Which ne’er forgot will be, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I’d lay me […]

Jamie O’Reilly May ENews May 9, 2018 Numbers Count: On Turning 60 Waking this dawn on a too-perfect birthday morning. The start of my 60th year.  Sliver of moon just about faded, sunrise streaks aubergine and peach, peeking over the majestic flowering pear tree.  In a minute comes the spring rain: crisp, clean, easy.  I […]

Michael P. Smith’s Songwriting Album – Limited Edition! Mail order now – info follows. Michael E-News! CD release announcement and blog. Michael talks… Part Master class. Part musical memoir. All Michael!  The long awaited recording! Singer/songwriter Michael P. Smith reveals the inner workings of his songwriting process, tells stories: from first song and first guitar, […]