Jamie O’Reilly’s May Day Soiree “Roots on the Road” Sunday May 1, 1:30 PM SPACE 1245 Chicago Ave. Evanston, Il Tickets 18 adv. 20 door. 23 table. 847.492.8860 evanstonspace.com Lusty May Meets Worker’s Day. Music. Poetry. Raffle Jamie O’Reilly and Stuart Rosenberg, Artistic Director SPACE, present this delightful spring-mix of musical and literary fare. Jamie […]

sometimes you wonder about heaven and hell but not at once and not on the grey afternoons these days you know what purgatory is the in-between the waiting place the not-quite Halloween not yet turkeys and cranberries -from ‘grey,’ a poem, Nov. 1

Artists have it good. We make things up, show them off, and make our mark. If we’re lucky, people get what we do while we’re here. After we go and leave things behind, those things tell our story. – blog October 31

“She sings and brings us to our lives. To cherish what is simple, know what is lost, and heal what is hurt. When Jamie sings, we laugh, we cry and we remember.”

“A Voice for the Soul of the City” One day, from the front seat of my car, I watch the sunrise over frozen Lake Michigan. Poetic. Beautiful – purple morning streaks in chalky red-grey -blog, Jan 28