Little Falls, NJ  – Winter, 1948 A Note from Michael It’s occurred to me lately that the Blessings Apparent of Christmas gradually change throughout one’s life. When I was seven it was that the Lionels came out of their boxes.When I was in eighth grade Christmas was the big plaid flannel shirts my godmother Kay […]

Our Christmas Music: Listen to Michael play We Three Kings, Michael The Magi, Michael Smith theme song. Listen to Jamie sing I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day     Tues Dec 13 Michael Smith & Jamie O’Reilly performed for WFMT Fine Arts Radio, 60th Anniversary! 98.7 FM, Live on radio from the Chicago Cultural […]

  “There’s something about the way you sing and the way he plays that really does connect people with their feelings and intellect…what your doing with your programs is being organized, and beneficial, and running a program where you’re using both right brain, and left brain.” (-Music Therapy innovator in audience at a recent concert) […]

(This is a story written by Jamie, a piece of creative writing in 2008) ¡Viva la Republica! With the revival of our Pasiones folk cabaret, I realize how much more I know and feel about the Spanish Civil War, having been to Spain and had this experience, and said good bye to my friends who […]

NOVEMBER E-NEWS A Note from Michael I love playing gigs in Texas because the folks there are very lighthearted…hey, it hasn’t snowed thirty-one inches there for many a Halloween and it’s not likely to. Also I love driving for long distances, and going to Texas I can think about a song for hours and hours […]

Jamie O’Reilly and Michael Smith bring their beloved folk-cabaret to SPACE on Sunday, October 9, and perform a live concert on WFMT’s Folkstage Saturday, December 10, With Katrina O’Reilly-Greene and Bob Weber, cello. A Note from Jamie. A great deal has changed in the political and cultural landscape since Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish […]

JAMIE O’REILLY J.O’REILLY PRODUCTIONS AUGUST  E-NEWS “The dreams told me if you visited there seasonally – between the squatters who find it in the rainy season and the icicles that stay for winter – it’s a rather pleasant little lake house, a cottage really, sitting in a clump of woods behind the new subdivision with […]

A Note from Michael Smith August 17, 2011 Dear friends, Interesting times, politically and personally. Lots of new things…just back from Colorado with Weavermania, sang a duet on a good friend’s recent release, finishing up a new recording of my own, landed a beefy part in a new musical at a major theater, a NEW […]