(This is a story written by Jamie) There’s a loud rapping on the front door that interrupts my breakfast. I look through the curtain, and then open the door. “I clean gutters”, the sun-tanned man in a sleeveless tee and baggy pants tells me, in a thick Middle Eastern accent. “Two hundred dollars.” “No. Not […]

With the summer comes the rain, and the heat, and the festivals and the farmers markets. In the blogsphere there’s a whole lot of beauty in virtual pages of gardens and herbs and handmade soaps with lavender and beeswax and thyme. Do-it your-selfers – mommy gardeners – salsa makers, jam-preservers, and micro-brewers. It’s a youthful […]

(This is an opinion piece written by Jamie) Here we go! “Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events is seeking musicians or other family-friendly performers for the 2011 Chicago Farmers’ Markets. While these are unpaid opportunities, they offer great exposure to different audiences throughout Chicago’s neighborhoods.” Dear Musical Compatriots! As long as our city gets […]

Our show May Day at SPACE on Sunday was really somethin’. I’ll post musical excerpts and photos from the celebration soon. I’m happy to announce we’re performing our folk-cabaret Pasiones at SPACE this October, for the WPA 2.0 New New Deal series.  You can hear our song Asturias, from Pasiones at this link  14 Asturias […]

Coming! Songpainting, The  Jamie O’Reilly Trio Portrait of Isabel, words and music by Michael Smith,is the first single from Songpainting, a new recording,produced with Guitarist and Arranger Peter Swenson at the helm,Jamie (vocals), Michael (guitar) , and Bob (cello) appear withmusical guests Midnight Moxie (vocals),Oboist Shawna Lake and bassist Al Ehrich.Listen to it on the […]

BEST SELLER!  Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War with Jamie O’Reilly, Michael Smith  & Katrina O’Reilly Called sweeping passionate and razor clear, the music combines the influences of European cabaret (ala Brecht), and Andalusian folk melodies, with the fervor of the American folksong experience of ‘the people’s music,’ as sung in coffeehouses of the […]

Souvenir, The Jamie O’Reilly Trio In this sampler from the Trio’s Fire & Smoke Cabaret, Michael Smith (guitar) Bob Weber (cello), Peter Swenson (guitar) and John Floeter (bass) accompany Jamie on Golden Earrings, Blue River, You Belong to Me, I’ll Be Seeing You, Red is the Rose, and the power ballad Song of Bernadette. Order by […]