A la ru. Jamie remembers Wayland Rogers, and sings his arrangement of this Spanish carol

The nightingale’s lullaby to the Christ Child, performed in Spanish with female voices.

Katrina O’Reilly-Loundy sings verse one, and plays piano. Soloist Jamie O’Reilly joins her, with a chorus of female singers, from a live 2004 O’Reilly family holiday concert. .

A la ru with Jamie (vocals), Katrina (on vocals and piano) and female voices.

My dear friend Wayland Rogers was my vocal coach, and landlord in the early years of my vocal career. A gifted baritone, he was part of the Grant Park Sympohony, and a recital soloist. He had a zest for life. A passion for justice. And a wicked sense of humor. His great love was as a composer and arranger. He led multiple church choirs and ensembles including The Camerata Singers of Lake Forest for 15 years and was music director at North Shore Unitarian Church (Deerfield, IL) for 25 years. He was also a Grammy nominee.

I sang several of his songs including this carol, and Apegado a mi, a setting of Gabriela Mistral’s poem, I heard him compose late into the night when we shared a two-flat. The Rogues and I were honored to debut his acapella arrangements of White Christmas and Silver Bells, back in the 80s.

Wayland passed away on September 9, 2020, of complications from cancer. His birthday is St. Stephen’s Day. December 26. He is greatly missed. Especially this time of year, when he would be behind a podium, or a keyboard, making beautiful music.

More about Wayland. https://www.facebook.com/wayland.rogers.3
and http://waylandrogers.net/