Song of Bernadette Jamie O’Reilly with Michael Smith and Bob Weber

“But the keeper of the hearth
is the keeper of the heart, after you.”
(Found today among my music, from a dream I had after my father died, June 28, 1991)

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Song of Bernadette from Souvenir, 2008

So many hearts I find.
Broke like yours and mine.
Torn by what we’ve done and can’t undo…

I sang Song of Bernadette for my father’s funeral in 1990, with my 8 sisters on the chorus.
Today, October 3, with our Beth Ann’s birthday and my Meg’s 40th just done, I’m posting it here.

Quite a song from Jennifer Warrens and Leonard Cohen and Bill Elliott.
Here is my version, with Michael Smith guitar and Bob Weber’s cello.
Mixed on my Souvenir CD by Peter Swenson.

Winifred and the first 10 children
Jamie bottom left. Beth Ann, center

Jamie’s father James O’Reilly