Wishbone Concerts – Roots on the Road 10/23 Jamie 10/30. Michael Smith

dsc_0271b2bwebJ. O’Reilly Productions presents

Roots on the Road Concerts at Wishbone North
Sunday Oct 23 at 7 PM
“Harvest Song”, Jamie O’Reilly with Peter Swenson

Sunday Oct 30 at 7 PM Michael Smith, Singer/Songwriter

Wishbone North Restaurant
3300 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago
Restaurant PH 773.549.2663
Tickets in advance $20. or $35. for both concerts
Tickets & Reservations via Paypal below
Email roots@jamieoreilly.com

Listen, Jamie and Meg & Nia

This One’s the Dreamer.

Meg, Nia and Jamie singing an ode to the harvest!
By Norm Hacking & Michael Smith.
(Recorded live at RootsFest).


Listen to Young Lad of the Braided Hair.
Jamie and Michael and Peter



img_71492Oct 23 at 7 PM
Folk chanteuse Jamie O’Reilly
sings ripe and rich songs celebrating the garden and harvest with guitarist Peter Swenson. Daughters Meg and Nia* join in 3-part harmony.
The Harvest Song evening offers autumn specials from the Wishbone menu. Make dinner reservations, or stop-in. Want to send a check? email Jamie: roots@jamieoreilly.com




michael-guitar_edited_editedOct 30 at 7 PM
Singer Songwriter Michael Smith performs with mesmerizing mastery.  This time he features songs from Starry Archipelago, his latest album, and classics from his five-plus decade storied career. Make dinner reservations, or stop-in. Want to send a check? email Jamie: roots@jamieoreilly.com.  Tickets below.

Listen to Michael sing Starry Archipelago



Tickets on drop-down menu below (move arrow).  Send a check? Email roots@jamieoreilly.com.


tickets Oct 23 and 30


IMG_7519The Flower Project.  Jamie, Meg and Nia are working on a collection of songs with flower themes, arranged with pretty harmonies, mood and groove, and featuring compositions by some of their fav songwriters. Oct 23 we debut a few, aiming for MayDay 2017 for a full show and recording.
Photo credits.  Jamie at the window, Iwona Biedermann. Michael Smith with guitar, Kevin Viol
Meg and Nia at Roots, anonymous.

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