Production Experience


Jamie’s distinguished career brings together the worlds of music, creativity, social justice, and personal growth. Using her own creative gifts as a catalyst, she illuminates the path to transformation and growth for her audience in a manner that is both profoundly deep and simply joyful. Her work is inclusive, insightful, and incredibly useful, offering a straightforward path to personal advancement and the acquisition of creative insight useful in every aspect of life.
(Stuart Rosenberg, Producer, Musician)


  • Producing musical recordings, in studio
  • Managing design & audio elements of CD production
  • Producing & writing radio programs; working with talent, studios, distributors
  • Creating, developing, writing, directing, producing theater works
  • Researching, developing cultural and educational programs
  • Public speaking, hosting and emceeing public programs
  • Hosting Roots Salon & curating art installations
  • Networking, collaborating, coordinating projects, programs and special events
  • Public relations, media relations, developing media plans and strategies
  • Media production, social media, e-newsletters, website copy