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 ” Life is long. Learn what you can.
Share what you know…Have a good time!”

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Read Jamie’s recent bio. Terms and rates are on my blog.

Among workshops and talks Jamie offers:
Finding Your Niche in the Arts Scene
Self Promotion for the Artist
Making a Life in the Arts
Nuts and Bolts of a Project
Writing for Performance
Creating an Artist Salon
Making Deals: Pricing Yourself and Pitching Work (blog)
Voice Lessons: Singing from the Center

projects 2015, with Jamie at the helm

Winter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries, Phase 1 with Nia O’Reilly Amandes and Stella Brown
Coming in June, Catherine Gallogly‘s Undying Love project
Coming in fall, Jamie O’Reilly Irish Songs, remastered first solo album, with Peter Swenson

projects 2014, featured events with Jamie at the helm

Lake Michigan/Hothouse Rekindling the Salon Artist Retreat Aug. 5-7. 2014 in Lakeside, MI
RootsFest – 5 hrs of music, August
End of Life/Afterlife 4 day arts festival for Chicago Artist Month at St. John’s Church in Irving Park
Roots Member Night Nov 22 at the Salon

snowbound teaserWinter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries
An investigation of the affect of winter on the artist psyche

Last winter’s polar vortex in Chicago was long, unrelenting and brought surprising consequences. This year, see winter with a fresh eye. Be part of a select group of artists who will keep diaries throughout the winter, documenting their observations, thoughts and inspirations. Take your diary with you wherever you go: draw in it, write poems, save found objects.

Winter-Rising Phase I, The Diaries
Completed Mar 27 at North Park Village Nature Center


JORrec2ABOUT JAMIE. With a thirty five year plus history as a cultural artist and activist in Chicago, I have seen success and gained so much!  I share what I know and empower others.  In the early ’90s, I began developing Self-Employment in the Arts courses at Columbia College Chicago Arts Management Dept, and then advising artists in their new Portfolio Center. Outside of academia, I was one of the few independent working professionals offering peer-to-peer guidance, before the explosion of social media and the birth of the “selfie” sensibility, and self-promotion took off.  I taught Making a Living in the Arts, Self Promotion, Creating a Life in the Arts, Project Development, Voice and more.  My focus was the independent artist in the neighborhoods of Chicago.  Among the places I presented adult-ed workshops were artScape program at Gallery 37 for the Arts (the Loop), for Guild Complex (Wicker Park), Victory Gardens Theater (Lincoln Park), and Center Portion (Logan Square), before going on my own with my agency J. O’Reilly Productions.  Now I handle also work with clients via the Internet and by phone, too.

OReilly relationsHOME BASE.  To spread the word, meet with clients and build community, I started Roots Salon in my home in 2006.  Roots Salon continues the century-old salon tradition of the O’Reilly clan, activists and artists in Chicago at the turn of the last century.  Located in Chicago’s Lincoln Square, I answered a call from Chicago artists seeking more intimate venues.  Events at Roots began as word-of-mouth happenings.  I present music, visual art, poetry and theater, with caroling at Christmas, Community of Voices, a monthly Women’s Salon, and the RootsFest in August.  People make fair donations at the door and it goes to the artists.  To date, Roots has showcased as many as 120 artists. 

lakesidebackThe year 2014 saw Roots expanding programming outside the neighborhood, with a new Salon Series with St. John’s Episcopal Church in Old Irving Park.  And, I launched a retreat program: the year’s theme Rekindling the Salon”,wais a 3 day artist retreat and soiree I am hosting (with Anne Hills) in August, at the historic Lakeside Inn and Studios in Lakeside, MI, in a collaboration with the artist in residence program at HotHouse. This Winter (2015), I am co-curator of Winter-Rising: Snowbound Artist Diaries project.  

Featured workshops with Jamie’s Colleagues:

  • Michael P. Smith, Songwriting Workshops for the Adventurous Mind
  • Sue Demel, Songwriting Workshops and Songwriting Improv Classes
  • Catherine Gallogly, Perspectives on Hospice and End of Life Options
  • Zoe Keithley, Creative Writing Workshops

Here is an excerpt from my Artist Services page, offering coaching and project development. 

1.) Media production & consulting – The Promoter. My PR hat – short-term promotional services and networking advice to promote a project for and with you. We may engage my team – using the talents of others: a publicist, graphic designer, photographer, and/or editor. Their services will be negotiated separately. 2.) Artist development services – The Inner Artist. Guidance and coaching in areas of time-management, presenting and pitching yourself to others, growing a base, navigating the emotional ups and downs of the business, working on goals, critique and self-evaluation.  3.) Project development – The nuts and bolts.  Getting it done and out of your head. Work on a distinct project – from idea to realization with a work contract, agenda and timeline, created by you with me and in writing.  Read more about my services here.

MORE ABOUT ROOTS SALON: Family memoirs tell of Great Grandmother Mary Ann Murphy’s Chicago home, in what is now Humboldt Park, where the O’Reilly Salon tradition began:

“I remember the charming, interesting people who came to the old house singly, or in numbers, drawn by its spirit and fun-filled parties; There were musicians poets, newspapermen, artists, lawyers, Socialist leaders, teachers, and all manner of gifted articulate women and men.  People from the four heavens and the four hells…Friends of Nell and Mame’s – including political refugees fleeing the Czar – who escaped to the US after unbelievable hardships.” (memoirs of Dorothy O’Reilly)


 “Jamie’s creative resilience transforms hard times into inspiration to use art as a tool for all of us to grow both more human and more humane”.
(S. Wayman, New Orleans, LA)

Performer, producer, agent, media personality
Many titles in the arts nomenclature can be assigned to Jamie O’Reilly.  It is her love of singing, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a fiercely held belief in the value of the artist
that fuel her active and vibrant world.

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