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Jamie O’Reilly
Voice Teacher, Coach
Graduate of the DePaul University School of Music
Professional Vocalist for over 40 years
Recording artist on CD Baby

“I love to sing. I teach what works for me, and I’m still singing, arguably better that ever, after some 30 years as a pro!”





Listen to the The Fairy Tree from Jamie O’Reilly and the Rogues

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A recent note from an audience member:

“Your voice was gifted to you but then your soulful spirit took it deeper. Some sing the notes…some take those notes and it becomes MUSIC….that’s YOU. When you sing, your voice is pure, bell-like. You bring your story to your audience, phrasing each lyric with a genuine delivery.  I could not only hear what you were telling me through your music, I could FEEL what you were telling me. Thank you for sharing your angelic voice. I look forward to another event where I will again sit there….spellbound!”
(With true appreciation, Bonnie Merriman, 8/12)


A Few Testimonials from Singing Students

“Jamie O’Reilly is a kind, concise and considerate voice teacher.
I learned a tremendous amount in a very short time and recommend her to anyone needing vocal instruction.
Her generosity and spirit are inspiring, her prices are reasonable, and she takes the time to really listen to her students’ needs.” (P.J. Jenkinson, Singing Actress)

“Jamie O’Reilly’s singing class was a highlight of our week!  We sang along with a wonderful group, had opportunities to lead singing, learned a great deal about music presentational skills, and had lots of fun!! Enroll now in this very special class!!” (Jack & Ginny Jones, Adult Ed Students)

“Jamie has been an invaluable source of information and encouragement for me in my creative endeavors. She challenges you and keeps you on your toes and makes it all fun and worth the effort. If you want to take your career in the arts to the next level, Jamie is the one to help you get there”. (Rich Ingle, Comfort Food Duo)

Jamie & The Rogues, 1986

A Few Testimonials from My Colleagues

“Jamie IS Artist. She expresses her truth, and I am immersed in my experience and emotions.  Thank you Jamie, for being so good at what you do.” (Bill Flynn, Life Coach, Paeon Partners)

“Jamie’s music is created from the deepest well of soul essence and manifested through a feminine vessel of self-understanding and wisdom”.  (Annette M. Hulefeld, D.Min, LCSW)

“Jamie’s soulfulness embodies, survives and thrives as an artist in Chicago culture.  Whether teaching, singing, creating, dancing, writing, producing or merely “being”, Jamie’s passionate heart enrobes all she touches. Her sense of depth within the human spirit is profound and radiates in every space she enters. (Lois J. Hobart, Chicago’s Dream Coach®Certified Dream/Life Coach & Facilitator)

“Jamie has dedicated her life to finding the perfect balance between artistry and activism.  As a singer, she uses her beautiful voice to carry audiences on worldwide journeys through space and time (to Ireland, Spain, etc). But she is also an advocate for women artists everywhere, using the power of her voice to give expression to their unique contributions in all media. ” (Jan Lisa Huttner JUF News Columnist, Founder: WITASWAN (swanday.com)

Jamie at 16 as ‘Lily’ in Carnival

“I am proud to be related to an awesome teacher, performer and friend to the arts and art therapy community in Chicago. Jamie sings as she lives, speaking always from the heart and teaching, all of us who know her, what grows out of a life of healing and love.” (Bernadette Haderlein, Adult Ed. Teacher, Altzeimer’s Specialist, Former Music Therapist, Songwriter, North Hollywood, California)

“Jamie, being asked to be a part of your project was extremely flattering, affirming and challenging. Thank you for encouraging and empowering us to seek higher goals, dream larger dreams, and join with your network of strong, fascinating and talented women.” (Maureen Smith, Celtic Women International)

“Jamie asserts her magnetic voice and attracts the most creative minds in Chicago into working with her on projects that promote healing, community and expression. …audiences feel that they are part of something special, something alive, and something familiar.” (Deborah Maris Lader, Chicago Printmakers Collaborative)

“Jamie is among the most creative and talented artists I have ever collaborated with. She throws herself into her art and work with a passion and commitment, creating lyrical, thoughtful and responsible works that make you laugh and cry. Performer, artist, activist and arts consultant; Jamie wears many beautiful hats and is truly a Chicago gem.” (Kathy O’Neill, Public Relations Manager)

For The Love Of Singing!

“Knowing you will always sing is a light for me on what is left of the road ahead. I will say to you what a dear teacher said to me when I graduated from high school.’Dear girl, sing on! The world is a better place because of you.’ My singing is finished. Yours is on the upgrade and soaring.  Keep on! Remember I love you dearly, and thank you.” (Aunt Dorothy, pictured here in her teens)

About Singing from the Center
I call my approach to voice lessons “Singing from the Center”, with an emphasis on developing a good ear, and effective breathing, but experiencing first the JOY that comes from music. I am especially conscious of working with people’s nerves and self-esteem issues, which keep them from developing into good singers and good performers. Taught at my home studio, “Roots”.

Basics of Singing
Jamie’s classes focus on making singing a joyful experience. Students work from the inside out — listen with a fresh ear, practice effective breathing, and develop camaraderie. Students are challenged to maintain good pitch and to sing harmony by ear. Class incorporates theater and vocal exercises, and the students sing simple songs. Students learn effective performance skills and class covers the basic tools and life skills that will enhance solid singing and performance.

Previously taught at ArtScape, Chicago  Harold Washington City College
Also, Special Needs Singing for Vocational Students at Chicago City College


But when I speak of “the white fire” I mean more than music. I mean the creative faculty, the spirit. I don’t know why it is that something catches us, every one of us, and throws us back.  Life swamps and rolls over us…but the next generation, that is you. You have it, my dear. The white fire is in your hands.” (Great Aunt Mame O’Reilly)