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Dandelion ~ poem for Win

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Dandelion ~  poem for Win It is in the sitting still we see the shadowed windowsill. The rumpled grass the bunny left behind. The floating seeds of a dandelion. And so this morning, I admit it's no mean feat (me thinks) to see what I see, as I with broken foot, sit. And sat.  Imagining this is this.  And that is that. Poem by Jamie O'Reilly, 2018

Mothers and Grandmother

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Mothers and Grandmother

Annie Laurie – Jamie OReilly sings

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Annie Laurie – Jamie OReilly sings Listen to Annie Laurie (Jamie vocals Michael Smith, guitar and bass recorded on Swimming Deeper) [audio m4a=""][/audio] Annie Laurie Maxwelton's braes are bonnie, Where early fa's the dew, Twas there that Annie Laurie Gi'ed me her promise true. Gi'ed me her promise true - Which ne'er forgot will be, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and dee. Her brow is like the snaw-drift, Her neck is like the swan, Her face it is the fairest, That 'er the sun shone on. That 'er the sun shone on - And dark blue is her e'e, And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and dee. [caption id="attachment_8365" align="alignleft" width="300"] Fairy feet[/caption] Like dew on gowans lying, Is the fa' o' her fairy feet, And like winds, in simmer sighing, Her voice is low and sweet. Her voice is low and sweet - And she's a' the world to me; And for bonnie Annie Laurie I'd lay me down and dee. Annie Laurie was a favorite song of Studs Terkel.  And he loved it when I sang it.  He told me it was the song Albert Parsons, the Haymarket martyr sang the night before he died.  I sang it for his 90th birthday and his memorial.  My ...

May Enews. Numbers Count: On Turning 60

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May Enews. Numbers Count: On Turning 60 Jamie O'Reilly May ENews May 9, 2018 Numbers Count: On Turning 60 Waking this dawn on a too-perfect birthday morning. The start of my 60th year.  Sliver of moon just about faded, sunrise streaks aubergine and peach, peeking over the majestic flowering pear tree.  In a minute comes the spring rain: crisp, clean, easy.  I am ready for this one. 60!  Holy cow, Batman! Numbers count.  When we're not keeping score over old grievances, relieved over near misses, or reckoning with what fell through the cracks. we are tallying-up.  What worked about what I made?  What's left to do?  Will there will be time enough?  Bargaining for a few more years with her.  A few more hours with him.  Adding and subtracting.  60!  A big, pretty round number.  The "new 40" or craggy precipice to senior-hood?  Dunno.      Today a scant inch of rain came down, and the pear out back's in bloom.  Not thinking about how much time is left.  Counting what I have.  A great love.  Those daughters and their delightful partners, a granddaughter AND a grandson!  A with-it mom (still with us.)  Thirteen bright and bold siblings and their extendeds.  Friends of the finest measure.  Many beautiful things.  Volumes ...

Michael Smith – St. Louis area gigs

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Michael Smith – St. Louis area gigs Read about Michael's new Songwriting CD, available by mail, thru CD and at these concerts!  Link:. ST. LOUIS AREA GIGS Sat Mar 24 at 8:00 PM  Focal Point Traditional Arts Center 2720 Sutton Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63143 Mon Mar 26 at 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM - 1 hour Sponsor Hayner Public Library at the Performance room Alton Square Mall Alton, Il  Featuring the songs from Moby Dick

That Girl! On singing, soaring, and delivering the goods.

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That Girl! On singing, soaring, and delivering the goods. (Read this as an e-newsletter here: "You and Michael created something deep and magical, as you always do.  The audience is so engaged.  A really wonderful night of art and community. Two great tastes that taste great together!  Everybody is happy!  Yay!  Thanks for doing what you do.  It makes life better." (Miki Greenberg, Producer, Composer) THAT GIRL!  On the virtue of voice, venue and the value of self-acceptance.  We have a warm sun today!  Nature is shining a light on the good, as she is wont to do.  And we need it here in Chicago. Here's a footnote from me about being in the public eye.  About self-assessment and artistic scrutiny.  When I sang a gig Saturday in Chicago (accompanied by Michael Smith and bass player Al Ehrich), I knew I'd prepared.  I was kind of calm. The sound mix was good.  The musicians were with me.  The tempos were even.  I felt supported.   I feared maybe, at nearly 60 years old, I ...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! from Jamie O’Reilly

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! from Jamie O’Reilly [caption id="attachment_7347" align="alignleft" width="237"] 1992[/caption] Listen here to Danny Boy Jamie vocals with Peter Swenson, guitar for Anne Hills [audio mp3=""][/audio]  

Michael Smith SONGWRITING CD mail order page

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Michael Smith SONGWRITING CD mail order page Michael P. Smith's Songwriting Album - Limited Edition! Mail order now - info follows. Michael E-News! CD release announcement and blog. Michael talks... Part Master class. Part musical memoir. All Michael!  The long awaited recording! Singer/songwriter Michael P. Smith reveals the inner workings of his songwriting process, tells stories: from first song and first guitar, to the inspiration for (and secret source) of his best known song The Dutchman, and performs this, and other songs, with distinctive Smithesque style. This winning recording offers a glimpse of this singular artist's musical landscape, confirming why he remains a master in the American folk lexicon, revered the world over. Credits. Written and performed by Michael Smith Recorded in the Levin Studio at WFMT 98.7 FM By Eric Arunas/Produced by Rich Warren CD and promotional design by Nia O'Reilly Amandes c 2018 Michael P. Smith, ASCAP Bird Ave Publishing Produced by Jamie O'Reilly, J. O'Reilly Productions Three ordering options! Order from CD Baby here: OR for mail orders by check filled by US - send an inquiry email to: OR credit cards via PayPal, click button below now! Note: Outside USA has higher mailing costs, we will bill the balance via Paypal invoice.

Vinegar Man – Valentine’s Day

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Vinegar Man – Valentine’s Day [audio mp3=""][/audio] Listen to Vinegar Man. Vinegar Man from the book Silver Pennies Poem by Ruth Comfort Mitchell Music by Tom Amandes Recorded February, 2009 League of Creative Musicians, Evanston, IL Performed by Jamie O’Reilly, Lead Vocals Meg Broz, Background Vocals Paul Amandes, Background Vocals, Guitar Peter Swenson, Guitar Stuart Rosenberg, Mandolin John Floeter, Bass With Beth Ann O’Reilly Amandes, Background Vocals And Bridget O’Reilly, Background Vocals  

Michael Smith Feb/Mar 2018 gigs

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Michael Smith Feb/Mar 2018 gigs Michael Smith's February  - March Concerts WISCONSIN Sat Feb 17 at 7:30 PM Tomorrow River Concerts Lettie Jenson Center 487 N. Main Amhurst, WI 54406 PH 715.824.5202 Link CHICAGO Sat Mar 3 at 7:30 PM Heritage Gallery 1907 W. 103rd Street* Chicago, Il PH: 773.233.0084 (Chicago/Beverly neighborhood) Sat Mar 17 at 7:00 PM Jamie O'Reilly & Michael Smith Songs of an Irish Catholic Childhood St. Pat's Music Special Wishbone North Restaurant 3300 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, Il PH/Text 773.203.7661 (Jamie) / PH 773.549.2663 (restaurant) Tickets via blog CALIFORNIA Wed Mar 21 at 7:00 PM Ron Colone’s Tales from the Tavern Series The Maverick Saloon 3687 Sagunto Street Santa Ynez, CA 93460 E: Ron Colone –