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Jamie’s January Blog: Snowed In. Buried under.

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Jamie’s January Blog: Snowed In. Buried under. A Note from Jamie January/February, 2019 Snowed in.  Buried under. Saturday, the snow starts to fall late morning during Olive's 4th birthday party. Olive wears the sunny yellow hat Meg knitted. Snow-pants and mittens, boots and hats go on.  Grandpa Tom and Uncle Paul with HIS grandson David, visiting from London, head out with the rest of the kids from the party.  Outside there’s a bit of sun, and alot of gray. City sidewalks and narrow yards are freshly dusted, soft and white. Snowballs are loosely packed. Hard to throw. There are rides on a purple sled. Some of us watch the fun from the window. I'm transported to Bucktown in the 80s. Snow and kids. Some things are timeless and universal. Inside, Meg sits in a cozy chair with a children’s book, her second child, a boy is due to arrive in a few weeks. Talk moves toward the power of books.  Meg tells us about teaching Immigration to junior high kids, using Shaun Tan’s The Arrival, a migrant story, told in stunning ...

Jamie O’Reilly Songbird, a few songs from the archive

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Jamie O’Reilly Songbird, a few songs from the archive [audio m4a=""][/audio] Listen to Jamie sing Blue River [audio mp3=""][/audio] Jamie sings Red is the Rose Jamie sings For Baby, For Bobby [audio mp3=""][/audio] Jamie and Katrina sing Leaving on a Jetplane

Michael Smith Jan 2019 Blog and Dates

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Michael Smith Jan 2019 Blog and Dates Michael P. Smith January, 2019 Enews & Blog View this blog as an online newsletter here:     Things I learned (or knew already) for this New Year: That I re-learn the same things over and over before they "take".  And they often never "take", as you can't learn everything in one life. Well, I can't. That you could say that anger is a charley horse of the mind. That it's better to be alive than not, and what most of us are asked to do while alive is generally not that scary. But sure can seem so in anticipation, or in (as I tend to think of things), "dread". I remember thinking at seven years of age: Oh man, I don't know how I'll get through the third grade. Multiplication, man. That at Christmastide it can be comforting to contemplate the lyric to "Deck Us All With Boston Charlie", by Walt Kelly, bless his heart, which, luckily for you, I reproduce from memory here: "Deck ...

Anne Hills~ Jamie O’Reilly: Valentine Salon Feb 15, 2019

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Anne Hills~ Jamie O’Reilly: Valentine Salon Feb 15, 2019 Save-the-date for Special Night of Romantic Songs in the afterglow of the Valentine holiday!  Roots Salon at Wishbone Presents LOVE'S SWEET SONG A Valentine Salon featuring Anne Hills with Jamie O'Reilly, and John Erickson on piano  Friday, Feb 15 at 7 PM Wishbone North 3300 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, Il  Admission $20.  Advance tickets recommended.  Jamie's Ph 773.203.7661 for info.   Get tickets via PayPal link (below), or email to send a check. Tickets Wishbone 02/15/19 Jamie & Anne 1 tix $20.00 USD Jamie & Annel 2 tix $40.00 USD Jamie & Anne 3 tix $60.00 USD Jamie & Anne 4 tix $80.00 USD Two beloved songbirds perform a post-Valentine evening of songs and stories exploring the circuitous route of love.  Vocal selections range from original ballads and traditional folksongs, to parlor songs and standards from the classic American songbook.  The two-part concert is presented dinner theater style ...

Cradle Songs – Now and Then – Christmastide 2018

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Cradle Songs – Now and Then – Christmastide 2018 Sing Sweet and Low Your Lullabies From the Singer Archive. My Mother, Winifred (pictured here with me), sang us the Brahm's Lullaby, in German, and Stille Nacht at Christmas.  A Cradle in Bethlehem is my favorite lullaby to sing at Christmas.  I sing it on the radio, in my concerts, and at the end of our annual caroling party for my children and singing family.  Now I am a grandmother to Olive and Arlo, expecting a new grandson in January, and it will be theirs, too. A Cradle in Bethlehem by Larry Stock and Alfred Bryan I first learned A Cradle in Bethlehem from the singing of Nat King Cole, when Nia was a two-week old, and I sang it live on WBEZ in a concert at the Old Town School.  This is the Jamie O'Reilly & The Rogues 1988 version. Live from Fitzgerald's, when I was a mere 30 years old!  Players listed below. (pictured Jamie, Nia and Meg).  Listen to version 1. [audio mp3=""][/audio]   This is the 2003 WFMT Folkstage version of ...

Goin’ Home ~ Thanksgiving, 2018

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Goin’ Home ~ Thanksgiving, 2018 A Note from Jamie Thanksgiving, 2018 Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family. Goin' Home...This blog has a few stories from my childhood and a look ahead at today. It certainly shows me that we've come full circle, and sometimes we really can go home again. Wishing you peace. You can read this in newsletter format here: "Then your apples all is gethered..." Apple picking is a tradition for me and my growing family.           ON EDGEWOOD ROAD. "They’s something kindo’ harty-like about the atmusfere When the heat of summer’s over and the coolin’ fall is here—" The Wednesday before Thanksgiving when I was young, we came home from school to boxes on the porch with crackers, rice, instant potatoes and macaroni.  All the canned goods you could want: Campbell's soup, tunafish, corned beef hash and SPAM. (Or not want: hominy grits, mincemeat and dented cans of clams)...Somebody in town included us in their annual charity rounds.  ("Us"  was me and my 13 brothers and sisters and Mom).  The boxes were left while we were out.  We never met the givers. On Thursday morning, as my eldest brother Willem tells it, he was up early, ...

Portrait of Isabel Single – Jamie O’Reilly, Michael P. Smith and more

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Portrait of Isabel Single – Jamie O’Reilly, Michael P. Smith and more Happy Halloween single on CD Baby. Listen to Portrait of Isabel, by Michael Smith inspired by Shirley Jackson With Jamie O'Reilly, lead vocal Meg Broz, Nia O'Reilly Amandes, Sarah Chang on harmonies. Bob Weber, cello Peter Swenson and Michael Smith, guitars Al Ehrich, bass Recorded at Roots Salon Now on CD Baby

Vinegar Man song

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Vinegar Man song Vinegar Man Recorded by Jamie O'Reilly & Friends Lyrics by Ruth Comfort Mitchell Music by Tom Amandes Jamie on lead vocals Bridget, Kate, Beth Ann, Paul and Meg on vocals Paul Amandes and Peter Swenson, guitars Stuart Rosenberg, mandolin John Floeter, bass Limited release CD available from J. O'Reilly Productions Cover image by Meg Broz   LISTEN HERE TO VINEGAR MAN [audio mp3=""][/audio]  

Anne o’ me heart ~ Her voice precedes her

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Anne o’ me heart ~ Her voice precedes her apple-crisp morning cold enough to swim across sky, blue as a lake (by Anne Hills, haiku on the threshold of a birthday) You know her by the bright white smile and the skein of raven hair.  By the one-of-a kind artisan jewelry, and the handmade woven textiles she often wears.  The color palette and soft layers of her dramatic dress, a nod to this culture or that cause. All of Anne's being emits vibrant stories to tell. And you know the Voice: that velvet instrument with its natural tone and unforgettable beauty.  Hers is a deeply resonant sound with an old world quality that summons up joyful times.  Of families gathered in the parlor, taking turns on melody and lead, singing harmonies by ear. Decades into a laudable recording and concert career, she retains this vocal verite. Pure.  True. Pitch-perfect.  Sure to emphasize lyrics and melody.  In performance, Anne effortlessly navigates the creative line between the traditional folk music canon, and the heightened, personal realm of ...

Michael Smith Oct ’18 Enews – Appearances, Blog

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Michael Smith Oct ’18 Enews – Appearances, Blog Michael P. Smith October Enews A Note from Michael  HALLOWE'EN: Once upon a time I and everyone I knew got dressed up in costumes for Hallowe'en. We'd go door to door for free stuff and for all the adults to marvel at our outfits. In later life there'd be Hallowe'en parties and we didn't go door to door anymore and it wasn't nearly as exciting as getting all this free stuff and all your neighbors professing to not know who you were. And somewhere along the way I stopped taking any pleasure in getting all dressed up. Maybe it had something to do with going to a Hallowe'en party in college with nobody else (somehow) dressed up but me. There I was in this Dracula outfit, a red-lined cape & fangs etc. and man, the only one there in a costume, trying to feel cool nonetheless. That was a day that wearing any Hallowe'en costume just suddenly seemed pretty dorky to me.  I felt like the coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon, standing in mid-air. What I'm getting at is that things are acceptable and fun, and then they're not, and suddenly seeing that ...